Not a Property Tax Cut

Prop HH greenlights the largest property tax hike in Colorado history. If Prop HH passes, our property taxes will still go up by 30%. While Prop HH would adjust the assessment rate from 6.76% to 6.7%, this is a tiny decrease in the worst increase in history. Prop HH is a tax hike, not a tax cut – and it asks you to pay at least double what it claims to give you back.

Ending TABOR Refunds

Prop HH will take our TABOR refunds away permanently. Remember that $750 “Colorado Cash Back” check you got last year? That’s money the government owed you, thanks to TABOR. But if Prop HH passes, the government can keep an extra compounding 1% every year that should be returned to us. This will result in $10 BILLION over the next 10 years handed over to politicians — $10 billion that should be in taxpayers’ pockets.

A Blank Check

There’s no guarantee where this $10 billion will go. Legislators can make it up and rewrite it as they go. Prop HH is literally handing politicians a multi-billion dollar blank check.

Misleading Ballot Language

Don’t believe what you read. The same legislature that’s trying to take an extra $10 billion from us crafted the words you’ll see on your ballot to explain Prop HH. But it’s written to buy your vote, not to be honest with you. It’s a tax hike, not a property tax cut.

Hurts Too Many People

According to the nonpartisan Common Sense Institute, renters are the biggest losers. 33% of Coloradans rent their house, but will get no tax relief from Prop HH. On top of that, they’ll have to hand over their TABOR refunds forever. Senior citizens and working families will also be hurt as their refunds are taken away from them.

A Better Path Forward

Anytime this year, before or after HH is defeated in November, Governor Polis can and should call a special session to address the coming spike in property taxes – without ending TABOR. The clear, long-term solution to the crisis is to cap future increases in property taxes – either through a special session or by citizens putting a cap on the ballot.

No on HH is the official issue committee opposing Proposition HH on November’s ballot. Michael Fields, Registered Agent.

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